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It is important to obtain representation when you are dealing with legal issues. You could face the loss of rights and property or a judgment against you. I can help you if you are facing an issue in the following areas.


Family Law

I can assist you with a divorce or custody action as well as seek a modification on your behalf of existing financial or custody orders in family court and the magistrate court. 


I can defend your rights if you are facing a criminal matter in the Connecticut Geographic Area Courts or the Massachusetts District Courts ranging from a motor vehicle violation or an OUI/DUI to misdemeanors and lesser felonies. I also represent juveniles facing delinquency hearings.

Criminal Defense




If you have been convicted of a crime, you may be eligible to seek a pardon from the state of Connecticut that will erase your criminal record.  I can assist you with the application process. 



If you need help with a matter ranging from something simple like a name change to something more complex like a termination of parental rights, I can assist you.




If your mortgage is in foreclosure, I can assist you with Connecticut's mediation process. I may be able to save your home.

Foreclosure Mediation